What is Traveling Day Camp?

Traveling Day Camp is a weeklong unique blend of outdoor ministries and congregational ministry. It is a joint effort between Montlure Camp and the congregation.

Traveling Day Camp is designed for young people who have completed grades K-5th.

Montlure will provide programming (staff, art supplies, game equipment, curriculum resources, and miscellaneous stories and activities) and the congregation will provide support services, promotion of the program, and involvement in the program as arranged between the camp program director and the congregation’s coordinator.

The curriculum is provided by Montlure. We strive to choose one that is Christ-centered and activity based, which encourages hands-on learning and we hope caters to all types of learners.

The purpose of Traveling Day Camp is to assist congregations in providing a quality Christian camp experience at their site. During this time, we hope to get young people engaging with one another in activities and get them enthused about congregational ministry and a life with Christ. Our hope is that your Day Camp will be a program of youth evangelism and outreach for your church.

The strength of Traveling Day Camp is the people. Montlure’s Traveling Day Camp teams are comprised of young adults who are selected for their Christian commitment, work ethic and love of children. They are trained to lead Bible studies, worship and singing, crafts and wild and crazy recreation. It is a relational ministry and our emphasis is to offer quality Christian role models for young people.

The uniqueness of Traveling Day Camp is flexibility. Camp staff will work with each church to design a program specifically to meet the strengths of your church and its site. If you think that the Traveling Day Camp is a ministry your church is interested in or would benefit from, please contact Kellie von Borstel to learn more about this ministry and schedule a week for your church! camp@montlure.org or 520-369-2199.